Meet the Basket-Case

Nantucket Style Baskets

Nantucket baskets are recognized for their beauty and are considered an exquisite and usable collector's item that can be passed down for generations. To own a Nantucket Basket is to celebrate American artisan history.

The history of the Nantucket Basket began in the mid 1800's when the first "Lightship Baskets" were woven by islanders serving on floating lighthouse ships off the coast of Nantucket. Today, the Nantucket Lightship Basket represents a proud American tradition craftsmanship.

All of my baskets are created using only sustainable, environmentally friendly bamboo.

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Pine Needle Baskets

Basket coiling with pine needles has a long history in America history dating back at least to the 1700's. For this technique. I start with a tiny circle or oval and from there sew consecutive rows on to the previous one, moving outward in a continuous spiral. Although this type of basket craft can be created using any type of pine needle or sweetgrass, I use only Long Leaf Pine (Pinus palustris) which has needles that can reach 17 inches in length.

Sown with artificial waxed sinew, I use many different base materials depending on the use or aesthetic desired. Bases include black walnut, clay, copper and wood.

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Assorted Specialty Baskets

Basket weaving is a way of life for me.

In addition to Nantucket and Pine Needle Baskets, I also enjoy basketry of all kinds.

One of the most popular items I make is the Cork Basket. A great housewarming or Realtor's gift, these baskets include wine bottle corks and come in the perfect size for one or two bottles of your favorite grape juice.

Antler baskets, tobacco baskets, napkin baskets, chip-n-dip baskets, purses and many others are also available.

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Become a Basket-Case!

Have you always wanted to try basketmaking?

I am now offering classes in Central Florida for residents and visitors looking for a unique one to two day experience.

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