Basket Classes

Hi Everyone,
So, it's a new year and I’m ready to weave.  
I teach 3 different types of baskets - Nantucket Style, Pine Needle and Reed/Mixed Media Baskets.
Listed below is my schedule for classes for January, February, and March. 
I supply all the materials and tools you will need.  All you have to bring is what you want to drink and eat.
NANTUCKET STYLE BASKET - Price $100.  This is a 2 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 4pm each day (or until you finish your basket).
January 17-18 (Tuesday-Wednesday)
January 21-22 (Saturday- Sunday)
February 2-3 (Thursday-Friday)
March 8-9 (Wednesday-Thursday)
PINE NEEDLE BASKET - Price $40.  This is a 1 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 4pm.  Some people will not finish the basket in class but will be able to finish at home.
January 13 (Friday)
January 14 (Saturday)
January 25 (Wednesday)
February 1 (Wednesday)
February 18 (Saturday)
February 27 (Monday)
March 3 (Friday)
March 7 (Tuesday)
March 20 (Monday)
NAPKIN/MUFFIN BASKET - Price $40.  This isn a 1 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 3pm (or until you finish your basket).
January 28 (Saturday)
February 17 (Friday)
March 2 (Thursday)
The pictures below are samples of my baskets that you will use as a guide.  Of course I will encourage everyone to make their basket unique.
I only take 6 people in each class.  This way it is easier for me to give each individual the help they need.
All the classes will be held at my studio in Astor, FL.  I will send out more instructions to those who sign up as we get closer to the class date.
Hope to see you soon,
Ann Schaefer
AKA Basket-case Ann