2024 Basket Class Schedule

Are you ready to weave?
This year I will having some back to back days of different classes if anyone is interested in learning two different types of basket making.
I will be teaching Pine Needle Baskets, Nantucket Style Baskets and Napkin/Muffin Basket.  Also, some of you have already taken my classes and are ready to make a more advanced basket.  Just sign up for one of the dates and add a note to remind me you already took a class and want to make something different.  We will work something out.
All you need to bring is something drink, lunch and a positive attitude, I will supply everything else you will need to make your one of a kind basket.
Listed below is a tenative schedule for classes for January, February, and March. 
PINE NEEDLE BASKET - Price $50.  This is a 1 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 4pm.  Some people will not finish the basket in class but will be able to finish at home.
January 6 (Saturday)
January 12 (Friday)
January 17 (Wednesday)
January 18 (Thursday)
February 7 (Wednesday)
February 8 (Thursday)
February 16 (Friday)
February 20 (Tuesday)
March 1 (Friday)
March 6 (Wednesday)
March 18 (Monday)
NAPKIN/MUFFIN BASKET - Price $50.  This is a 1 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 3pm (or until you finish your basket).
January 11 ( Thursday)
January 19 (Friday)
February 10 (Saturday)
February 15 (Thursday)
March 7 (Thursday)
NANTUCKET STYLE BASKET - Price $100.  This is a 2 day class that starts at 9am and goes to 4pm each day (or until you finish your basket).
January 13 - 14 (Saturday - Sunday)
January 25 - 26 (Thursday - Friday)
February 21 - 22 ( Wednesday - Thursday)
March 2 - 3 (Saturday - Sunday)
March 22-23 Friday - Saturday)
The pictures below are samples of my baskets that you will use as a guide.  Of course I will encourage everyone to make their basket unique.
I only take 6 people in each class.  This way it is easier for me to give each individual the help they need.
All the classes will be held at my studio - 24601 Alligator Road, Astor, FL.  I will send out more instructions to those who sign up as we get closer to the class date.
Email me if interested.
Hope to see you soon,
Ann Schaefer